White Paper Submissions

RUNSRA requests internal white papers with the goal of expanding RUNSRA research activities on campus and create a sustainable organization through ARL funded research programs.

As part of RUNSRA, faculty are encouraged to submit white papers that propose any of the topics of interest to the ARL Directorates. Proposals are encouraged for research based on the following Science & Technology (S&T) campaigns: Computational Sciences, Materials Research, Sciences for Maneuver, Information Sciences, Sciences for Lethality and Protection, Human Sciences, and Assessment and Analysis.

Further information on the technical areas of interest to the ARL can be found here (ARL Research Areas).

Further information on RUNSRA White Paper (WP) submission process can be found here.

The Office of Proposal Development was established to maintain a strong internal resource in grant writing by ensuring faculty meet sponsor guidelines, providing feedback about the content, and visual appeal of the proposal. The office provides a variety of grantsmanship, grant writing, and proposal development among other services. The Office of Proposal Development works closely with the Director of Research Development and Infrastructure, school deans, institutes and with individual faculty. One major function of this office is to assist faculty with the development of large-dollar center initiatives to assist with the burden in preparing these proposals while increasing the quality and quantity of these submissions. The website provides useful information to assist our faculty access resources and acquire skills and knowledge to identify funding opportunities, plan research projects and a variety of other services.